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Commercial real estate markets in New York City are very active. So Manhattan is expensive for a developing business. Large companies secure large blocks of Midtown office space sublease in prime locations. It is often quite hard for the small business owner to find affordable executive suites, even when they conduct a thorough investigation of business centers and shared office space. Standalone traditional commercial office space for entrepreneurs is very expensive, requiring personal recourse on a long-term commercial sublease and endless escalating common charges.

Midtown Manhattan is undeniably the best place for office space sublease, but in recent years the business district has expanded and executive office suites may be found in odd areas of lower Manhattan and even in Brooklyn. There is no substitute for New York City's original Corporate Row or Grand Central area in Midtown. They are the utmost in accessibility! Accessibility is essential — you want to make yourself available to a range of consumers and clients, not just those of one neighborhood or borough. Midtown office space is as easily accessible to someone on the Upper East Side as it is to a New Jersey resident. The same cannot be said for SoHo or many areas of Brooklyn. Executive office suites in New York City that you consider should be in Midtown Manhattan. Otherwise these business centers are not effective in getting the NYC office sublease client a bang for his or her buck.

The concept of sharing one metropolitan business office space and working in proximity began back at the turn of the 20th century in London, England. This design — similar to that of New York City executive office suites — was first used by barristers. Barristers were known for grouping together into "chambers" (office space) to share clerks (the old-time equivalent of secretaries and receptionists). Sharing space also allowed these barristers to address otherwise high operating expenses. Some of the more well-to-do chambers became increasingly sophisticated as they expanded much like the New York City executive office suites of today (at least the Manhattan business centers that you will want).

The first significant New York City executive office suites started back in the 1980s following the model for business centers used by professionals across the pond. Small business owners and large business owners teamed up to create ready-to-use, fully equipped Midtown New York office space. New York City's business centers created a new breed of office space with extra business-friendly features. New York City executive office suites come with many amenities, such as videoconferencing, hourly meeting rooms, conference room rentals, advanced telephone handsets included, 24/7 voicemail and rollover Lines, high-speed Internet services, fully managed secure firewall and data infrastructure, unlimited coffee, tea, and filtered water, free black and white copies, package handling and office delivery. Executive office suites are, by definition, staffed, fully-furnished, turn-key and plug-and-play. This means that the office space sublease client who is renting within a Midtown office business center will conduct business from the moment he moves into his custom office space.

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