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The Importance of a Business Address

Business owner receiving his mail

Just a few years ago, it was practically unheard of for a business to not have a physical mailing address. But these days, it’s become increasingly common for start-ups to operate out of an entrepreneur’s home with remote employees scattered all over the world. This trend has led many business owners to wonder whether a physical address is still important in today’s society or whether a PO Box for business will do just fine.

This article will discuss why it’s still so important for your business to have a physical address rather than a PO Box and how you can utilize a virtual business address to create a powerful and professional image.

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Affordable Expansion Solutions with Meeting Space NYC

Female executive leading a meeting in temporary office space

Suddenly feeling a little cramped in your office isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, it means your company is growing!

But with that growth comes a fair number of challenges, especially for businesses whose spending budgets haven’t grown quite so quickly. Here is some helpful information for companies that could benefit from renting meeting space NYC to expand their offices and their professional capabilities.

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5 Key Advantages of an Open Floor Plan Office

Employees working collaboratively in an open floor plan office

Not long ago, office environments featured rows of cubicles designed to help employees focus on the tasks at hand without distractions. But times have changed, and an enduring office trend continues to be the open plan office. The drastic shift from personal space to shared space has been debated extensively over the past few years, but there are still some striking benefits that result an open floor plan that companies can’t afford to ignore.

Here are five important advantages of the open floor plan that may make you reconsider your current office configuration.

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New York Business Expo 2017 – Why You Should Attend

Business man giving a seminar to small business owners at the NY Business Expo

Mark your calendars for November 7 because this is a very important day for small business owners. The New York Business Expo & Conference is scheduled on this particular Tuesday at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, and it’s the #1 business conference, trade show, and networking event of its kind in the region.

In this article, we’d like to share some information about the upcoming small business expo in New York City and why it’s a must-attend event for business owners and leaders in our area. There are some really exciting speakers and exhibitors lined up, so don’t miss out on taking your company to the next level with a little help from your peers, mentors, and colleagues.

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The Importance of Scheduling Occasional Offsite Meetings

Business team working in meeting room for rent

Most normal office meetings take place in a company’s conference room or onsite event space. But occasionally, a meeting is scheduled for a special purpose, includes employees from multiple locations, or has specific technology requirements. Managers can use offsite meetings in a variety of ways to benefit the company and the employees who work for it.

This article discusses the impact of occasionally scheduling meetings offsite and tips for planning a successful offsite event.

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How to Pick the Perfect Restaurant for a Client Lunch

Two men having a discussion during a business lunch

Whether you have a full-time office in Manhattan or are renting out temporary office space, client lunches are a common part of business. In the business world, lunch is much more than just a mid-day meal. This is an opportunity for closing business deals, networking, team-building, and one-on-one time to discuss important matters outside the office.

The restaurant you choose sets the stage for how a client lunch will go, so it’s important to pick one that suits the situation and your budget. Here are some tips about how to choose a great restaurant for your next client lunch, as well as some recommended lunch spots to try in Midtown Manhattan.

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Advertising Week 2017 – 5 Speakers Not to Miss

5 Prominent Speakers at Advertising Week NY 2017

New York City is THE place to be from September 25th to 29th if you work in the fields of advertising, marketing, or media. On these days, Advertising Week takes over the city and brings together the greatest minds in the industry together to share visions, passions, conversations, and opportunities.

This is a unique event that features many leadership programs and seminars, and there’s a truly impressive lineup of speakers on the schedule to discuss the current state of affairs and future of the industry. These are just a few of inspiring and influential industry leaders that you can learn from at AW New York and what you can expect when they take the stage.

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The Impressive Benefits of a Professional Virtual Office for Solopreneurs

business people discussing thoughts

Solopreneurs have a certain reputation for being resourceful and making the most of their innovative ideas to succeed. These are the hardworking individuals often set up with laptops at their local coffee shops to put in long hours and grow their businesses from the ground up.

But if your business is growing fast, connecting with new clients, and working to establish long-term partnerships, it may be time for an upgrade. Here are some ways that investing in virtual office features, such as a prominent business address and phone number, can take “solopreneurs” to the next level.

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How to Manage Stress in a Constantly Changing Work Environment

young business woman overwhelmed at work

Regardless of what industry you’re in or what type of job you have, stress is unfortunately very common in the workplace. This is true whether you have office space Manhattan, work from home, or arrange for temporary work space when you travel.

However, managing stress can become even more difficult if you don’t have consistency in your day-to-day routine. Individuals who use different workspaces or spend a lot of time traveling for work may find themselves more stressed out on a regular basis.

Here are some stress-busting strategies for finding peace in spite of a changing work environment. It is especially important to reduce your stress levels while traveling in the hot summer months to prevent serious health risks.

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