What You Should Know about Legaltech and NYC Conference Rooms Nearby

What You Should Know about Legaltech and NYC Conference Rooms Nearby

NYC Office Suites is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, the same neighborhood where Legaltech will be taking place

The legal industry used to have a reputation for favoring paper files over electronic ones and being behind the times in terms of technology. However, that’s all changing as the industry’s most successful firms embrace cloud-based process automation and adapt to new data privacy and security expectations.

Legaltech, the largest and most important legal technology event of the year, will take place January 31 to February 2, 2017 at the New York Hilton Midtown. This is the best place to be to learn about what technology can do for your law practice, and many attendees will need conference rooms nearby to build off of the event’s momentum.

All About Legaltech NYC

Over 10,000 professionals will be attending this year’s Legaltech event with over 200 speakers, more than 10 tracks of education, and at least 300 exhibitors. Topics in focus this year will be tech-friendly alternatives to traditional legal service providers, automating common tasks by 2020, the role of millennials in the legal landscape, and data privacy concerns. Event sponsors include Consilio, DiscoverReady, Epiq, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and others.

Over the course of three days, the agenda will play heavily on the topics of eDiscovery, data risk management, new technological developments, and the future of the legal industry. The Emerging Technology Track will cover topics in greater detail, such as eDiscovery, email security, and how data analysis can be used to drive business. Meanwhile, Supersessions will touch on diversity programs, other aspects of data security, and how analytics can replace outdated spreadsheets. There’s also a wide range of exhibitors that will be present to introduce legal professionals to cutting-edge solutions and technology products that can help law firms improve their practice.

Event pricing ranges from $15 to $1,295 depending on how involved you want to be in the event, but keep in mind that early bird rates end on December 31. If you want to stay at the event venue, the New York Hilton Midtown, the standard discount rate for attendees is $330 excluding taxes and fees if you book by December 30.

Meeting Space, Conference Facilities, and Day Offices

Many legal professionals who have already registered for the Legaltech event have expressed interest in securing meeting and conference space nearby to collaborate with their own teams, as well as other firms and tech companies in the industry. NYC Office Suites is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, the same neighborhood where Legaltech will be taking place very soon.

We offer business centers and meeting rooms that are available by the hour, for full days, or even longer. This is a far more professional and accommodating option than cramming everyone into hotel rooms or meeting at a noisy restaurant. At NYC Office Suites, our administrative staff can help you compile your presentation materials, prepare conference rooms, make transportation arrangements, and even order meals. And since the whole purpose of this big event is technology, we’ll have our technology team onsite to equip your meeting space for conference calls, teleconferences, webinars, and whatever else you need to stay connected.

If your law firm is based in NYC or does business here from time to time, we have meeting and conference rooms for all your temporary space needs throughout the year as well. With locations in the Plaza District, Commerce Building, Graybar Building, and Midtown East, we can accommodate your firm for depositions, arbitration hearings, consultations, interviews, and firm events.

Meeting room pricing starts at $39 per hour as part of a package or $65 per hour on-demand. Legaltech is just around the corner, so give us a call, send us a message, or use the live chat feature on our website to reserve your meeting space for January 31 to February 2!

How a Trump Administration May Impact NYC Commercial Real Estate

NYC Office Suites provides convenient and affordable conference room rental NYC

Well before Donald Trump was ever involved in politics, he was famous for his powerful role in real estate, and his name has been synonymous with the industry as it is displayed on prominent buildings all around the world. With his new role in the political realm, many people within the real estate industry are wondering how Trump as, President of the United States, may influence and mold the real estate market, globally, nationally, and especially in his hometown, here in New York City.

In this article, we’ll explore the impact that an incoming President, Donald Trump, may have on commercial real estate markets, and more specifically on commercial office space Manhattan in NYC.

Housing for the Rich and Poor

In his campaign, Trump proposed tax breaks for wealthy Americans, which could strengthen the luxury real estate market. However, there are concerns that this could reduce the amount of affordable housing that could put vulnerable Americans at risk, as well as fair housing rules and housing subsidies. However, Trump has always been pro-business, and his campaign promoted eased government regulations that could drive infrastructure improvement and construction projects.

Possible Impacts on Office Space Manhattan

Not only does a Trump presidency stand to impact the residential housing market, but also the commercial one. According to a Shearman & Sterling LLP report, many economists believe that Trump’s administration will bring higher interest rates, tax cuts, and construction spending to New York City. The report points out that the Trump administration will likely preserve parts of the tax code that are in the favor of real estate developers. However, Trump’s strong stance on immigration may cut the supply off low-cost labor and limit the number of international investors interested in supporting U.S. projects.

Construction, Manufacturing, and Policy

In the past, Trump has supported policies that favor the construction industry, including improved infrastructure across the U.S. In his victory speech, Trump proclaimed, “We are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals. We’re going to rebuild our infrastructure, which will become, by the way, second to none. And we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it.”

Trump has also indicated that he supports the growth of domestic manufacturing, which would require more commercial real estate properties like warehouses, factories, and office space. But there are concerns that limited immigration may affect the construction industry and make new building projects more expensive to complete.

Tax Reform Under Trump

Forbes contributors have written extensively about discussions regarding tax reform in the Trump administration that will likely impact the commercial real estate industry. The like-kind exchange tax deferral that commercial real estate practitioners have been used to, could end in favor economic growth. Trump has also payed close attention to depreciation as a way to avoid taxes, which could come up in larger discussions about the tax code in the future.

The Role of Inflation

Another issue that has come up in discussions about Trump’s possible impact on the real estate market is inflation. With tax cuts and more spending on infrastructure, inflation is likely to rise. This could mean higher rental prices, which would impact business looking for office space Manhattan. Inflation may also be impacted by Trump’s new international trade policies and labor restrictions.

Foreign Investments in Real Estate

Experts also anticipate that foreign investments in commercial real estate may decline once Trump is in office. This speculation is due to expected higher interest rates, stricter immigration laws, and political uncertainty. Open dialogue with leaders of other nations may help to secure foreign investments and keep the market strong.

Industry Professionals Most Impacted 

While certain professionals may be worried about what a Trump presidency may bring to the real estate market, others couldn’t be more excited for it.  Some real estate developers look forward to what Trump’s administration may do to help their businesses, for example, while others fear the impact of increased inflation. Overall, both the commercial real estate industry and the construction industry have been fairly optimistic about how a Trump presidency could help their businesses.

Uncertainty May Lead to Hesitation

Economists say that political uncertainty directly impacts the economy, which affects commercial real estate indirectly. When investors are uncertain about the future of policy, they tend to delay making significant decisions until new details become available. And when capital markets feel a shock to the system, construction financing can be more difficult to obtain. This can discourage investment and real estate growth in the short-term, but pick up rapidly once new favorable policies are made public.

For Your Conference Room Rental NYC Needs

Finding rental office space Manhattan can be a challenge, especially in light of current events. But since Trump has indicated that he still plans to spend a significant amount of time in New York, demand for office space may very well increase.

NYC Office Suites provides convenient and affordable conference room rental NYC to help you connect with the people and businesses you need to make a difference. Contact us today at 800-346-3968 while space is still available to facilitate planning and strategizing meetings that will prepare you for whatever a Trump presidency brings.

Available Office Spaces Near Trump Tower

Available office space near Trump Tower Manhattan

Since the recent election, Trump Tower, a 58-story high-rise on Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets in Midtown Manhattan, has become a more important piece of real estate than ever before. Donald Trump has made his love of New York City very clear, and many speculate that Trump Tower will serve as a “satellite White House” where he will spend a significant part of his time as president.

Undoubtedly, Trump’s presence in Midtown will change the lives of the people who live and work here. But this is also a great opportunity to look into temporary office space near Trump Tower and conference space near Trump if you work in certain key industries.

Benefits of Being Near Trump Tower

While long-time residents may cringe at the added hassles and headaches of a presidential neighbor, there are also many benefits of having Midtown Manhattan offices near Trump Tower. Here are a few benefits to consider.

Connectivity to the Administration

Proximity pays off if you’re an industry professional or business that plans to work closely with the Trump Administration. Since Trump has indicated that he still wants to spend as much time as possible at his beloved penthouse in New York, politicians and diplomats may have better opportunities to meet with him here rather than D.C.

Members of the media who wish to interview Trump on various issues may be able to get the stories they want if their magazines and websites have a presence in Midtown. And lobbyists and advocacy groups may be able to get their requests and messages in front of Trump and his team more readily if they find temporary office space near Trump Tower.

Avoid the Traffic & Congestion

The area around Trump Tower was busy and congested well before Trump ever decided to run for president, and traffic issues have only gotten worse since his campaign. But if you maintain offices near Trump Tower, you can avoid the hassle of driving, flying, or taking public transportation to the area to attend crucial meetings.

Increased Safety & Security

Anyone who’s passed through Midtown Manhattan lately knows how much security has been ramped up since Trump’s presidential campaign kicked off. Mayor de Blasio says that the current heightened security measures around Trump Tower will remain in effect at least until inauguration day. Secret Service and the NYPD are patrolling between 53rd Street and 57th Street and between Sixth Avenue and Madison Avenue, and concrete barriers have been installed between Fifth and Madison on 56th Street.

While pedestrian bag checks may be a hassle for tourists and locals, the added security can be a welcome measure for businesses who require extra protection. Having additional security can provide industry professionals with peace of mind that attacks and threats won’t go unnoticed. Also, law enforcement has stated that the Secret Service is in negotiations to take over two vacant floors at Trump Tower.

Easy Access to Restaurants & Shops

Some of the best and most iconic restaurants and shops in New York City are located around the Trump Tower, but access to them has been partially restricted by added security measures. However, if you take advantages of convenient offices for rent near Trump Tower, you can still visit these establishments and support local businesses during challenging times.

How to Rent Midtown Manhattan Offices Near Trump Tower

It’s no secret that rental prices aren’t cheap in this area, which is why Midtown Manhattan temporary office space near Trump Tower is such an attractive option. At NYC Office Suites, Midtown Manhattan is our area of expertise and the place we know best.

We provide flexible offices for rent near Trump Tower that are prebuilt, furnished, staffed, and technology-ready. With contract terms of as little as 3 months, our Plaza District, Commerce Building, Graybar Building, and Midtown East offices can be tailored to suit any business needs and preferences.

So if securing a prominent location near Trump’s New York headquarters is important to your personal career or professional business, contact us today or visit our website to chat with our team. Given the current political climate, our offices for rent near Trump Tower are going fast, so don’t wait any longer to get in the middle of all the action.

Is it Time For Your Startup to Rent Office Space?

Trendy Office Space with View of the City

Since startups are in their very first stages of operation and often bankrolled by founders trying to capitalize on in-demand products and services, these companies frequently begin in home offices and spare garages. But as you gain additional funding from investors and begin to find success, your startup’s needs will grow and change.

Regardless of what industry you’re working in, you may need to hire new employees, outsource tasks to freelancers, purchase new equipment, and expand to a larger space to accommodate your startup’s growth. In this article, we discuss the considerations that startup owners should keep in mind as they begin to consider an office rental NYC.

The Rent Price to Revenue Ratio

One question that many owners and co-owners of growing startups have is whether there’s a rent price to revenue ratio that is fiscally responsible. If you’ve gotten used to working out of your house, an outside office space may seem like just another added expense, and it can be difficult to determine whether a rental expense will positively or negatively affect your bottom line.

To make this decision, consider the cost per square foot, square feet per person, and occupancy cost per person. Other considerations are the total lease amount of the term, the effective rental rate for the lease term, and the monthly and yearly rent amounts. Depending on your industry, rent-to-revenue ratios can vary from two percent to 15 percent. To determine your ratio, divide the annual base rent or gross rent by your business’ anticipated yearly sales. If your rent ratio is low, your business is in a good position to remain stable in spite of market fluctuations. But if your ratio is high, you may want to negotiate a lower rate with the landlord or look for more affordable rental options.

Benefits of Renting for a Startup

Renting an office space makes a lot of sense for a startup in certain circumstances. Here are some of the reasons why renting an office space is the preferred option for many entrepreneurs.

• Healthy separation between work life and home life
• Stronger connections and accountability between management and employees
• Sculpt a company culture that suits your brand
• Exude an image of professionalism
• Stimulate your creativity and productivity in a focused work environment
• Greater networking opportunities

Office Space Rental NYC Considerations

But of course, office space rental in NYC isn’t right for every business, and making that big move is all about timing. Fortunately, there are many options available for renting a space, including shared, co-working, sublease, direct, and temporary spaces. Temporary spaces, for example, are great for startups because they allow you to “test the waters” and see whether an outside office is the right fit for your business. This type of flexibility is incredibly valuable to startups that are figuring out things as they go, as inflexible leases could trap you with obligations you can’t pay for and drain your resources.

At NYC Office Suites, we provide furnished, equipped, and staffed Manhattan temporary office spaces with all the amenities and support services you need to grow your startup. Rental contracts can be for as short as three months, and we offer many different sublease configurations to accommodate executive offices, shared offices, co-working offices, and team project offices.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Office Rental NYC

With all of the other work going on at a busy startup, it can be a challenge to put forth adequate time and resources to find the perfect office space for your company. Here are some tips to help you get started.

• Gather financial documents like tax returns and bank statements to show the building owner
• Understand how much space you need and allow for future growth
• Think about where your employees live and would need to commute from
• Set a strict budget and stick to it
• Choose a space that represents the ideals and culture you want to promote
• Consider amenities that you would want nearby your office space rental NYC
• Devise a backup plan if you need to back out of your rental commitment

Advantages of Office Rental Manhattan

Once you decide that you’re ready to start searching for the perfect office space, the next question is where should that office be located. You could choose a space in the center of where all the action is happening in the city, or you could look for cheaper spaces that are farther away on the outskirts of town.

New startups often crave the vibrant atmosphere and potential for networking opportunities in the middle of New York City but are scared away by high costs. However, those rental costs drop significantly when you start your rental journey with temporary office space provided by NYC Office Suites. Our private, full-time office rental Manhattan pricing starts at $595 per month, largely inclusive. If you choose an office space in a more remote area outside the city, you could be limiting your hiring options for new talent, making existing employees’ commutes miserable, and isolating your business from advantageous relationships.

Benefits of a Furnished Business Center: Flexible Office Space New York City

Flexible Office Space in New York City

A furnished workspace is critical for global sales offices, small businesses and New York technology start-ups, especially those who are building a business on a budget. It can take the hassle and expense out of finding the perfect office space. It lets you get your business started off on the right foot quicker and with less investment upfront. The many different perquisites of using flexible office space include the following:

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Benefits of Instant Offices: Manhattan

NYC Mailing Address

The success of a business is attributed to location, vision, business plan and work environment. Business owners ensure their businesses are ideally located to meet their clients’ need as well as provide a comfortable and efficient working space for their staff. The office space a business adopts has a significant impact on success. The image of a business’ location is a key determining factor for potential partners.

Who wants to worry about the day-to-day management of their office spaces and the high overhead costs in cities such as New York City and Los Angeles? Look for the most elite instant offices Manhattan has to offer – they include benefits that standard office spaces do not. For a small business start-up or a multinational organization, instant offices in Manhattan offer convenient and cost- effective workspace environments for your growing team and business community partners.

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Film Production Services: Business Office Space “Set” In Manhattan

Entertainment companies looking for film production services may find that a flexible business office space set can be beneficial for their video content and filming projects.  An instant office in Manhattan can provide a quick “set” to film in an already furnished business office space for scenes requiring it, or even for rehearsals.  Also, furnished business office space for rent are great for use as a “home base” while shooting “in the field” for a few months. An instant office in Manhattan can be used for marketing purposes, production / video editing, video blogs, training videos, advertorials, and post-production marketing activity.  These business centers provide film production services with the availability of hourly conference rooms, daily offices and office space sized for NYC movie shoots, local shows and video content.  Firms in many areas have begun to see the advantage of executive business office space rentals.

An Instant Office in Manhattan Can Be Used for Film Production Services, Here’s Why

  • In conventional shared office space, there are often many people occupying common areas such as hallways and pantries. It may be more difficult to film in these areas without disruption.  If there is a lot of drama in a shoot, it is important that this not alarm potential clients at the center.
  • Large private offices are not always available at a conventional office setting.
  • Large production equipment, wardrobe, etc. may be subject to elevator building requirements and high mandatory labor fees.
  • After business hours accommodations can be difficult to acquire.  Usually, the HVAC system does not run, making video lighting equipment too hot to use.  Buildings also have restrictions on how visitors after hours.
  • Security is also an issue with well-known actors.  In a Class A business suite location like those with NYC Office Suites, there are two levels of security to keep the production on target and minimize disruption.

On-Demand Use:  When shared office space can fit your filming needs

If you just need to shoot video in a conference room,  in a closed door office space or partitioned office suite area, an executive office space may be a good venue for you.

Full Time Use:  When shared office space can fit your production back-office needs

Executive office space can also be ideal if your company needs office space in Midtown Manhattan and films in other areas in New York City.

Finding office space in NYC

If you need a place to film, New York City Office Suites has office space in midtown Manhattan for rent, which can provide a convenient and aesthetically pleasing venue for all your filming needs.  New York City Office Suites is excited to work with all Made in NY companies and looks forward to seeing what your company creates at our venues. In NYC it may be hard to rent an office that can meet your company’s needs, but our team works diligently to assure that you will get the best office space for your business.

Call us at 1800-346-3968 or contact us online for more information on how we can make your film production process run smoother.

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Green Office Space Benefits More Than Just the Environment

Modern companies and entrepreneurs understand the value in forward thinking. Not only in searching for an office space that is cheapest, is best located, or blows away the client with all of the money spent, but in the future of the environment. A growing number of business leaders have begun to see the value in putting the effort into securing a green office space in Manhattan.

Green office spaces offer many benefits to the companies who utilize them. Responsible stewardship of the city also comes with financial rewards, and the respect that the “green” designation adds. Consider the following information as you make your choice regarding the best place of business and virtual office for your company.

The Benefits of Green Office Buildings

Green office buildings reduce the environmental impact of doing business while increasing efficiency, employee health, and productivity. Once, many people considered “green” architecture an imposition, or a sacrifice to make in the name of nebulous benefits to the world around us. Today’s greater understanding of what green technology can do for us paints a very different picture.

Environmentally friendly offices provide a wide array of benefits to the companies who take advantage of them. Companies who utilize eco-friendly technology in their green office space discover lower heating and cooling bills, thanks to innovations like green roofs and better building materials. Air quality improves with more attention paid to green building, as does employee health and productivity. Green technologies also often prolong the life of the buildings in which they are installed.

Green Office Space

Modern Green Architecture

The words “going green” often bring to mind images of recycling bins, but green architecture has evolved into high-tech solutions for entire structures. Recycled and environmentally friendly building materials have transformed both construction and renovation of office spaces into hidden ways to help the environment. A more visible example of advanced eco-friendly architecture can be seen on the rooftops of several prestigious green office buildings.

Green roofs provide tangible benefits to the businesses who work beneath them. On a green roof, grass and plants grow, creating an insulating layer against both summer and winter temperatures. Stormwater management improves, as does water quality. Growing plant life betters air quality as well.

733 Third Avenue – An Environmentally Friendly Office Space Solution

NYC Office Suites understands the need to create environmentally friendly offices without sacrificing cost-effectiveness or the amenities prosperous NYC businesses desire. The flexible office and shared office space square foot produces a far smaller carbon footprint than a traditional one.  Successful companies require an impressive location, with visual appeal and convenient services. Our location at 733 Third Avenue has incorporated many green touches into its design.

This location, which offers Class A office spaces and on-site staff to attend to your needs, also sports a green roof atop the aluminum-and-glass facade. Recently renovated interiors include energy-saving elevators, as well as redesigned common areas for a modern look. Its convenient location to Grand Central Station promotes the use of mass transit, thus reducing emissions and pollutants in the city.  For this premium high floor flexible Midtown office space:

* The high floor office space was retrofitted from a previous tenant’s use, with many walls removed, light elements like peek windows and glass sliding doors installed, motion sensing light switches, low VOC latex paints, premium blinds and recycled-fiber high quality carpets.  These and many other design elements created a modern office space with less environmental impact

* Ongoing programs in the facility call for stringent recycling measures and, where possible, CFL lighting

Class A office space in Manhattan is best when it takes environmental concerns into consideration. Learn more about our Midtown East location‘s environmentally friendly features, then arrange for a tour so you can see them for yourself. You can contact us online, or call us at 800-346-3968 for more information about this green office space.

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Classes of Office Space: What Does Each Offer?

Your office space is a major contributing factor to the impression you make on clients, customers, and potential top-tier talent for your company. It sets the tone for negotiations and frames the offerings your company presents. Office space has three classes; the class of office space you choose can help to determine whether a piece of business is closed or partnership is formed. Appearances are important! As you consider your company’s next base of operations, keep each of these classes in mind.

Class A Office Space          

Class A building standards set the bar for all classifications of executive space. These prestigious, highly sought after office settings compete for the most esteemed tenants.  Offering spacious rooms with desirable amenities as well as a respected physical location, buildings that house Class A office spaces often also feature notable architecture and easy accessibility.

Class B Office Space                                                           

Class B office spaces offer a solid, middle-of-the-road solution for tenants. They are often in older buildings that lack the latest amenities but still provide the necessary features for effectively conducting business. In appearance, Class B spaces may lack modern finishing touches but generally still manage to communicate professionalism.

Class C Office Space

As the lowest-end option for business occupancy, Class C office space provides a choice for firms with lower operating budgets. Most Class C office space is contained within structures with a long history of previous tenants. They provide few amenities and little visual appeal. They are a compelling alternative for companies without a need for a refined image.

class A office space nyc

Class A Building Standards

Each class of office space has its advantages, but with locations in the most impressive parts of business districts and an unbeatable visual appeal, Class A office space provides companies with a foundation on which to build their success. Superior amenities and services such as lobby reception and state-of-the-art communications and internet infrastructure set these offices apart. Both lend a distinguished appearance to the businesses that inhabit them and make working in and visiting these spaces an enjoyable experience.

Finding Class A Office Space in NYC

NYC Office Suites provides Class A office spaces for competitive rates. All our locations give you easy access to New York’s transit system as well as many of the city’s most popular attractions. Turn-key executive spaces with plug-and-play communications ensure your operations will be ready without hassle, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will assist you with any issues that may arise. Learn more about our premium locations, and contact us online or at 1-800-346-3698 with your questions.


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Choosing a Furnished Office Space in NYC over a Conventional Space

Whether your business is a startup or a well-established firm, it goes without saying that saving money where possible, or rather, using it as wisely as possible, is a financially savvy strategy.  That said, establishing a home base can be expensive, especially in New York City.  In addition to the cost of a prestigious location, physically readying a space for professional use can run up a large bill quickly and even delay operations.  Fortunately, there is a way to drastically reduce your costs, and be up and running immediately: an executive office suite.  Let’s explore three main benefits of choosing NYCOS in greater detail.

NYC Executive Office Suites with No Buildout Costs

Architects.  Carpenters.  Floorers.  HVAC technicians.  Electricians.  Internet and telecom infrastructure.  Security.  Legal code.  Lost time and missed deadlines.  These are just some of the groups of people and hurdles associated with a conventional leasing space.  Why spend a substantial amount of money and time on these when you can have a top of the line space immediately without any of the above-mentioned costs?  A furnished office space in NYC allows you to take advantage of its already-existing infrastructure, thus lowering your startup costs.furnished office space nyc

Lower Monthly and Per Year Costs

So you may have been easily sold on the buildout cost, but surely monthly and yearly costs are lower when leasing a conventional space versus choosing a Manhattan furnished office space, right?  If you only take into account rent paid for the space, then maybe.  But that is just one portion of ongoing costs; consider large office machinery such as high volume copiers and postage machines, furniture, coffee machines, building maintenance, cleaning staff and janitorial services, receptionists, electricity and water, and any other costs associated with leasing a space.

While your company will have to foot the bill for each of these items, NYCOS incorporates all of these costs into a low monthly per-person service fee – including able receptionists prepared to provide you with administrative support.

An Executive Office Space in Manhattan with Built-in Flexibility

A lease can run 60 months— because today’s business environment is defined by mobility and agility, this rigidity can be a detriment.  With a furnished executive office space from NYCOS, you have the flexibility of month-to-month terms allowing you, the owner, to assess what’s best for your company and more easily calculate monthly costs.

NYCOS certainly matches commercial office space in quality, but greatly outperforms in terms of cost.  If you’re looking to save money and time — and also avoid issues that distract you from running a successful business — allow us to help you choose a furnished office space in NYC. Explore our available spaces and contact us online, or give us a call at 1-800-346-3698 and arrange a tour in-person.


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